31 January 2012

19 January 2012

Art Theft Shichiro Yokomizo / EgoTaco

Shichiro Yokomizo, Ego Taco, spitwang. 

Art / Identity Thievery 

I just found out someone by the name of Shiciro Yokomizo, ripped my artworks and pretend to be me. 
..and the proofs...

..he ripped my artwork, removed my signature..
..and selling it off and earns money from it. 

and here is the original post.. which i painted on the new year eve..


...and again..he stole my artwork and removed my signature...

My original post:

..and not just that.....he even used my face as his avatar... 

He puts up 2 photos in his tumblr... but i can't say for sure that's him...

...and youtube.. edited as he pleased..

and some other infos...

Shichiro Yokomizo
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Twitter @EgoTaco - http://twitter.com/#!/EgoTaco

Thanks to the anonymous source


...more artworks get ripped off..

...he removed my signatures

My original post: 

... oh wow.. and again..that's mine..

My original post:

...even stuffs from my sketchbook blog?

original post: 

...and i believed this belongs to Muhammad Yazid

more of zid's artworks

I'm sure that everything inside EgoTaco doesn't belong to him.
Please spread the news .

..do check this out..


Screenshots of my conversation with Egotaco

...and...finally he changed his avatar...