31 August 2009


The Initial Sketch i did in Photoshop.

i wonder how did gobelin ppls integrate their 3d characters with their painting..hmm..
(next experiment :D)

as for the grass ..luckily i did some experiment with paintfx last few months...so less work for me :D

and Horeay! learnt something new :P puppet tool :D (crappy animation for the swing..but that's ok for now)...

Photoshop cs3 and After effect cs3

24 August 2009


Experimenting with low poly modelling ... (but i dont think it can still be called lowpoly...coz i accidently deleted the my 1st subdivision :-< and yeah..now its 10k .. sigh... )

3dsmax, maya, crazybump, photoshop.

13 August 2009

The Band

not really like the city.. but that's bout it... :D hope u guys like it.
Adobe Photoshop CS3

06 August 2009

Ablebleu II

Just finished rigging and whats left is.. cleanup and facial :D wuweeeeeeeeee!!

04 August 2009


The Muscleman: Remake
Maya 2009, Zbrush 3, Adobe Photoshop CS3