27 December 2009


another quickie for today :D
Maya 2010, zbrush, crazybump, photoshop


Maya 2010, zbrush and photoshop
just another experiement with ramp shader and rough texturing..

19 December 2009

16 December 2009

The Flickers

Inspired by Ryo Mashiba, Hajime No Ippo
The Flickers :D

Ps CS3/CS4

10 December 2009

Monster Concept 04

Inspired by Alien Race Artbook i bought at Krea8tif! Conference today :D

Photoshop CS3

3-4 hours++

03 December 2009

Vixer The Boxer II

Another integration experiment between 3d toon and painting
Adobe Photoshop, Zbrush and Maya :D

24 November 2009

Vixer The Boxer

Another experiment with Maya toon :D
Zbrush, UVlayout, Maya and Photoshop

16 October 2009

Under The Sea

Under The Sea

about 3-4 hours
photoshop cs4

hope u guys like it =D

07 October 2009

Villains: Juggernaut

Juggernaut (not really sure how to spell his name :P )
Photoshop CS4

(please let me know if the colours too dark or too saturated.. i think my monitor's colours are a bit off..)

05 October 2009

Heroes and Villains 01

my own version of Dr. Robotnik of Sonic The Hedgehog and Batman
Hope u guys like it.

Adobe Photoshop CS4

29 September 2009


well...i did this about 2 weeks ago..and i forgot to upload it
Adobe Photoshop CS3

25 September 2009

13 September 2009

Walk into the Forest

Adobe Photoshop for the elements,
Autodesk maya for the rendering,
and Adobe After Effect for comping.

08 September 2009

Oh! Run! Run!

Experimenting with new style! hope u guys like it :D
Adobe Photoshop CS4

04 September 2009

31 August 2009


The Initial Sketch i did in Photoshop.

i wonder how did gobelin ppls integrate their 3d characters with their painting..hmm..
(next experiment :D)

as for the grass ..luckily i did some experiment with paintfx last few months...so less work for me :D

and Horeay! learnt something new :P puppet tool :D (crappy animation for the swing..but that's ok for now)...

Photoshop cs3 and After effect cs3

24 August 2009


Experimenting with low poly modelling ... (but i dont think it can still be called lowpoly...coz i accidently deleted the my 1st subdivision :-< and yeah..now its 10k .. sigh... )

3dsmax, maya, crazybump, photoshop.

13 August 2009

The Band

not really like the city.. but that's bout it... :D hope u guys like it.
Adobe Photoshop CS3

06 August 2009

Ablebleu II

Just finished rigging and whats left is.. cleanup and facial :D wuweeeeeeeeee!!

04 August 2009


The Muscleman: Remake
Maya 2009, Zbrush 3, Adobe Photoshop CS3

20 July 2009

The Muscleman

Zbrush 3 and After Effect

(hmm..the video seems to be less saturate here..hmm)

08 July 2009

07 July 2009

Character Designs Compilation

Compilation of Character Designs on 6th July 2009
Adobe Photoshop CS3

Character Designs III

Adobe Photoshop CS3 . Hope u guys like it :D
and that's it for today ... 12 characters

25 June 2009

Good Night

Zbrush 3.1
Maya 2009
Adobe Photoshop CS3

character design, modelling, texturing, rendering and compositing.

21 June 2009

Trash Can

hehehe i dont remember when was the last time i animated a character :P
model, rig, animate and render with Maya 2009 and comp with After Effect.

03 June 2009

The Hello Boy

dammit!....i totally forgot about the ears... =_=" ...gaaa! ....but i guess that's it for now.. (aih aih~~)

Zbrush 3.1
Photoshop cs3

11 May 2009

Wedding Illustration

Wedding card's illustration for a friend of mine :D zameri
Photoshop cs3

04 May 2009

Maya 2009 rendering Experiment

Another rendering experiment..with Maya 2009
and stressed with the new render passes feature

1. the mia_lens_exposure have no effects on the passes..
2. shadow and AO passes.. doing it manually ? (not sure bout this)
3. i think it work best with floating point and exr (that's new for me :P )
4. limited passes for mr shaders (sigh)
5. .... stress..dan malas dah..

Autodesk maya 2009
Photoshop CS3

17 April 2009

13 April 2009

Blue Waterfall

f**king artist block again! SHUHHH SHUHHH!!

photoshop cs3
about 2hours

(.. its crap!)