14 July 2008

FA Showcase 2008 : Opening Montage

List of what i've been doing:

  1. The FA Zombie:
    • Modelling
    • UV unwrapping
    • Texturing
    • Shaders setup
    • Render setup (mental ray)
    • Paint weight
    • Rigging
    • Animation (8 shots)
  2. The props:
    • Almost everything, except for PC (Kristine) and mug and dishes (Siying)
    • Render setup (mental ray)
    • Clock, paper and bag rigs
  3. Compositing : All
  4. Audio: All
p/s: Many thanks to Rukhairy for facial blendshape, Siying and Kristine for the props and apis for animating and rendering another 4 shots, and Molek Kasa and Chiew for lending their pc for rendering too. and lastly the queen (haze) ... THANKS! :D

1 comment:

  1. sial! nama aku hurup kecik! KECIK hati aku.. haha