14 November 2008

Freetime doodles

Experiment with brushes
about an hour
ps cs3

About 40 minutes
ps cs3

10 November 2008

04 November 2008

 Death Star


doodles during breaktime :D about 20-30 minutes for each.

Photoshop CS3

14 September 2008

Chase! Future City Matte

This is the making for the Chase! ending, the futuristic city matte painting.

16 July 2008


i've forgot when was i painting this one... few months ago? last year? not sure..

photoshop cs2

14 July 2008

FA Showcase 2008 : Filler

Shots animated by me. (experiment with bend/squash/stretch and toony animation..)

its not really good but...hey... i like it..

FA Showcase 2008 : Opening Montage

List of what i've been doing:

  1. The FA Zombie:
    • Modelling
    • UV unwrapping
    • Texturing
    • Shaders setup
    • Render setup (mental ray)
    • Paint weight
    • Rigging
    • Animation (8 shots)
  2. The props:
    • Almost everything, except for PC (Kristine) and mug and dishes (Siying)
    • Render setup (mental ray)
    • Clock, paper and bag rigs
  3. Compositing : All
  4. Audio: All
p/s: Many thanks to Rukhairy for facial blendshape, Siying and Kristine for the props and apis for animating and rendering another 4 shots, and Molek Kasa and Chiew for lending their pc for rendering too. and lastly the queen (haze) ... THANKS! :D

02 July 2008

Hot and Cold

akhirnya...siap pon...walaupon hanya menyiapkan painting lama jer... aihh
(sambung render balik.... aihhh )

19 June 2008


About FA Showcase '08

Film & Animation Showcase 2008, or in short FA Showcase 2008 is an annual effort of graduating students from the Film & Animation majoring to coordinate a public showcase of their portfolio.
We will be screening all of our final year projects, ranging from character animation to motion graphics to visual effects.

If you need more information, do visit http://fashowcase.blogspot.com/

01 June 2008


The maskot (?) for the FA ppl from MMU...

model/texture/rig/lighting by me and facial by kerry/panjang

for more info bout the event. go to this blog

30 May 2008

Chase Poster!

Our Poster! hehe ... thanks to panjang for being terlebih rajin :)) hahaha

01 April 2008

Chase! Digimatic 03

Chase! Digimatic 03

(audio akan direcord...editting akan di buat balik...facial...etc akan direpair2 nnt.......so CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL~~~)

30 March 2008

Chase Render preview

Chase Render preview

(ok...kaler dia tetiba suck! bila compress and blur2 tu nnt akan ku kurangkan)

New Chase! future city!

Chase! Future City!

hmm... i think i like this one better... ( stiill got a lot thing to add ...but later...!)
(keter terbang...ketapi ... etc....(kalau sempat! duhh!))

19 March 2008

Chase! Final Render?

test render ... so far ok lah... cuma kener fix2 sana sini skit2 ... dan rumput2 itu ditambah secara manually ...secara teorinyer...kalau render satu pass mask tok bahagian rumput sahaja...maybe leh la nak tampal jerh trus...gambar kat render image nnt...ermm dunno..kendian nnt baru try balik....solution lagi satu paint effect...tapi..aku tak suker...sbb berat..dan ..erm..tah...tak suker..

"polliisssentrriii onnee twoo jaagaaaa..." (obot)

" tapi i suka uuuu.." (obot)
"eee..org giler!" (kerry)

16 March 2008

Milk Vetch

Milk Vetch

milk vetch is a flower.. and ..it means.. ur presence soothe my pain... (refering to someone articles...bout definition of flowers... )

hehehe..thanks for always cheering me up! (and awak! i want my nescafe!)

(it's faizury faiez again anyway)

ps cs
about a day..

19 February 2008

Chase! 360

Chase! 360

Our characters turnaround

still got few more things to tweak/repair...especially the eyes...*curse panjang and my super suck modelling skill* ...and paintweight for every characters :P but later jugak lah..

13 February 2008

your position in animation?

your position in animation?

guys! try this quiz :P try try!

well..mine..character artist.. obot/apis ... 3d texture artist?? (LOL)

12 February 2008

more updates


ok... still byk lagi tak tambah and byk lagi kener fix... ni few render yg ok...

A shot from one of the house kat dlm chase

one of the house (please ignore the reflection on the lantern (i make mistakes too... so bare with it))

The chase playground.. this is how it looks actually...

environment concept angle ..a bit different from the concept though... but what supposed to be there still there...

p/s: wuuu...i need a goddamn new pc!! dammit!

11 February 2008

just another updates


inspired by team fortress 2 ( model by apis,textured by me)

The train(model by kerry), the pokok, the pole, the tong, the pondok and the character(by me)

the interior for the tf2 building... kinda dark though...later i'll just add up another lightsource in there...

10 February 2008

composition test

Chase composition test...

eeee! geram btol!! time render out dari ae jadik cam taik lak!! =\ buduh tol! DUHH DUH!!
tp dalam ae nice2 jer =\ desaturated...gloomy glow lagi ..duh!

tp so far...ok lah...test jer pon...masalah flicker takder..blotches ray pon takder.. cuma masalah nak separatekan shadow jer(cam dah ader solution...tapi...hmm...entah...tak leh nak dipakai sgt..esok baru start pk lagi) dan nak setupkan gamma correction untuk stiap texture node(giler tedious!!)

09 February 2008

i like..how about you?

rendering updates...

today... spent all day thinking a way to makes things easier for my groupmates.... and doing a little experiments on rendering and here ...is the result.. kinda like it...hmm..better than previous version... smooth theme..... but it's kinda too bright though...maybe after few more few tweaks...ok la kot...uhuhuh...

the first: without character ... damnn i want to do the mattee for the bg!!

the second: with character... will fix the eye shader... and maybe redo the facial texture\shader lagi..for the third time...sbb still kinda plain kan?...=\

the third: hmm shot yang jauh skit.. hehehehe i like i like!!

the suck! previous render... gila babi suck! =\ REJECT!

hmm...byk lagi kener fix... aih..kendian baru pk lagi...dah nak seminggu sakit kepala non-stop

06 February 2008

funny i'd say


(one of my characoal studies ...on drawing paper that i pasted on my room's wall.. i made this one... last raya... =< )