30 December 2007

Chase! animatic

please....i need to hear comments from u guys... pleasee~

we appreciate all of your comments, we need more feedback as to which part are we lacking, which part can we improve and thank you for your co-operation.

05 December 2007


the portrait i painted in photoshop about 6 months ago.. damn...6 months =| (and it takes about 2 days to finalize it...still got the normal digital painting "plastic" looks... really have no idea..how linda berkgvist painted all her artwork...aiyayaya wish i can learn all her techniques) btw...her name is faizury faiesz.

a portrait i painted yesterday...(yep...without a doubt...still got that "plastic" illness and wish i can make it more like what here---> www.resonance-art.com ... its expressive..harsh..bold ...etc... but it was all painted traditionally...dammnn!! aaa..and this one is molek kasa balili(my classmate)

gotta work hard on this...more harder!! YOSHH!!

02 November 2007

matte or not?

well..this is my 2nd attempt on matte painting (which doesn't looks like one =\ ) but still ...kinda like how it turned out...

21 October 2007

my holiday


all the black mounted pieces is actually for "spunkadelic" exhibition and at the middle of it(the 8 small thumbnail -liked is some of photo shots i printed ... just for fun..) and the 2 on the left .. is acrylic on drawing paper (NOOB!!) and at the bottom is some of my charcoal doodles. 

and as for this one... entitled "dark lovers" - experimenting with new style; acrylic on canvas


14 October 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri diucapkan kepada semua... dan maaf zahir batin sekiranya ader salah dan silap :)

myth of talent

download the pdf ... and read it throughly


hmm...im totally agreed with the author.

for me, what really matter is...
  • do we want it or not?
  • how much are we willing to sacrifice for it?
and ...if we really want it... we have to work it out no matter what; strive for our dream.

05 October 2007



my little thought...

future? we are the one who will decide it and no matter how harsh it going to be...we still have to keep on moving. but... why i paint women? because i think they are complicated being. so i just take it as an abstract for "life".